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Evgenii Avilov


I began to be extremely annoyed by the consumerist and arrogant attitude of the old world towards Americans. It looks like they are getting their perception of motivation for American interventionism Straight out of Russian Propaganda And painting the picture that their miserable existence has any rational value in the scope of the interests of the USA. They do all think that Neoconservatism and the New World order doctrine have any power over American politics nowadays. When in a reality Neoconservatives lost public respect after Iraq. They All think that Americans need them and this is the reason for their help and care. Such a pathetic Godless materialistic obscurantism that drives Pride is a huge mistake that I hope wouldn't end up as a situation of Neglect towards them on the side of the USA. Because if it would, Europe might get the toughest lesson in its existence. I want to see the right people right now bringing flowers to each local Embassy around them. And be thankful, but instead, they demand, ask and beg. It's disgusting. They better start to learn how to pray and how to speak with Alive God that is living in people and gives his response in the language of the circumstances in the manner of gratitude and glory. And make a way out of the magical thinking in the terms of need. If people do good things to you, they do it not because they need you but because they have love and compassion towards your struggle.


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