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Evgenii Avilov


Today I didn't go to church, and I have a lot of reasons for my solitude, believe me. I swear and I can swear because of my desire I can make the gray hair on my head become pink for example. Life is like a puzzle you can't act If someone hides parts from you. For me, the key was that I didn't believe in the reality that I have seen. Like people told me, you are my family. And I said that you aren't my family I don't trust you, my family is a family of my choice. A lot of women said that they love me but I said that you think that you know what is love when actually you don't know even yourself. A lot of people wanted to get me married, but I know that it was sand because they see the horse but they didn't bow to the horseman. It's not special treatment. These are standards that I agree as a Master to work with. I don't work with each material around as much as it doesn't have the desire to become gold like my dear friend Vadik Goldman that I want to see on our platform, so where is the short cut the would allow me to send him invitation? I choose to be forever wrong, My life is eternally free and their life is a locked circle. And they can close their ears and don't listen to me. I don't care anymore. They expected the problems but they got involved on the wrong side of history. Even if you missed me I am still alive so you haven't lost me. We don't like stability when dreams knock on our threshold. That's what I mean by I am still alive. I like to be nice and people get what they want. Till the end of the world Baruch HaShem.



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