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Evgenii Avilov


Every person is born Pinocchio. Someone will be lucky to die as a human. And someone will burn like firewood. Courage leads to heaven. I saw off trains they saw people off they saw me off. Sometimes I want to say. Name me the river and I will find a place where you are waiting. Name my soil and I will take you with me. All poets are liars, it’s a trick to make life sufficient instead of suffering, so make it deserve to have actual pain. Till the world ends. We will never be younger than today we would never be younger than now. And may youth forgive us, which is the eternal spring of our soul. I am not sure that doctor is able to cure it. Because if they would have the direction to do so they would get paid by the cure and not by the sickness. I know only one thing that can cure life and this is not what you want to hear. I have no regrets just a kind of sadness because I still know this world enough to have compassion towards it but not enough to obtain the Love in a human sense of the blood in the veins. Life is like a dog that is running around clutching its teeth. I don’t have any commands for it anymore. I have no near and no face for it. Thank you for your prayers it’s the way to be present long before the day when the light will take us all. I believe in God and I trust God, this is my problem of mine. I respect tradition but it’s not what I trust or believe. Because it’s not what I was placed on and I am staying on what I placed by Almighty. To be commune to my narrow way is to be immune to the disease that this world is.


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