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Evgenii Avilov


“The egalitarian mania of demagogues is even more dangerous than the brutality of men in gallooned coats. For the anarch, this remains theoretical, because he avoids both sides. Anyone who has been oppressed can get back on his feet if the oppression has not cost him his life. A man who has been equalized is physically and morally ruined. Anyone who is different is not equal; that is one of the reasons why the Jews are so often targeted. Equalization goes downward, like shaving, hedge trimming, or the pecking order of poultry. At times, the world spirit seems to change into monstrous Procrustes – a man has read Rousseau and starts practicing equality by chopping off heads or, as Mimie le Bon called it, 'making the apricots roll.' The guillotinings in Cambrai were entertainment before dinner. Pygmies shortened the legs of tall Africans in order to cut them down to size; white Negroes flatten the literary languages.”

― Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil

Junger was so good in the way to spill the blood via words as his own inability to cry

So good that quoting him all the time has a certain risk of shocking the general public and its hypocritical ways that it would make it possible to put yourself in danger.

So good that it would give you the ability to become as hypocritical as the world that any nonconformist fighting in itself.

But would you sin against the context in a favor of the circumstances? Against exact truth to the core of desire to hide the past?

You see what I mean by this because uncomfortable feeling out of the quote. So do I. But I have no fear over sin because I know it, better than holy fathers. I hope so do you.

Knowledge is the way to salvation of us in the sense, that it does have meaning.

And the Lord will come and his enemies will disperse and there will come a moment of silence that will bring peace.


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