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Evgenii Avilov


My Dream doesn’t have enough enemies to be real among the stars that are shining with their glory and lack of thought.

If I once again hear from someone a poem about a lonely sail, then from the bottom of my heart I wish this person a blow in the face. I will blow out the candles on the cake of the day when I was born again, and I will go to the edge of the abyss, taking the wings of dawn to once again make sure that you are there too. Hello, my Present. Hello, present moment, and I am sealed in you. My body will again accept the bed biting the blanket with its teeth, and the soul will dissolve in sleep paralysis, once everything must end before I have time to give my soul to you. However, it will remain with me without leaving a trace of who I was until darkness and light lose each other in the dance.


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