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Evgenii Avilov


Modern reality.

A gang of crazy criminals has seized the power that has fallen from the hands of decrepit retired bandits, driven the population of a huge country crazy, and threatened to destroy life on the planet. Absolute comic. Realizing their grotesque comedy, criminals must kill more and more people so that the whole world does not laugh at them. Such is the law of "emotional inertia".

All this dark comedy, first of all, speaks of a person as a completely mentally incompetent creature, since the criminals completely "transparently" committed all their crimes in front of and even with the goodwill of the world, who gladly took part in the bloody carousel of frostbitten bandits and reduced to the mind of the country.

Today, it is already quite obvious to everyone that "modern man" is a mentally incompetent, mentally unstable creature, gravitating towards global suicide. There are so few forces capable of reversing this trend on earth that the "future" of man is drawn more and more gloom.

A suicidal, mentally unstable, mentally incompetent, culturally insignificant creature is not something that does not have a future, it already does not have a presence. Does it elicit "my regret"? Not at all, what brings death, decay, stupidity, and aggression must logically self-destruct. Bon voyage. 🙂


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