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Evgenii Avilov


Touch not my anointed ones, and do not harm my prophets. (Psalms 104:15)

Ad Astra. To the Stars...

I'm not sure that in this world that is a prison and even something worse, there is happiness, it is replaced by the joy of passing along the path.

Personally, I am highly disappointed in people, I was dying nobody was there.

I think everything going to the point of the creation of the new state.

This state will abolish all the states of the world when they begin to merge into a solid gray mass.

Today's technology and situation make it easy to collect star seeds in one place and burn all the tares.

I guess people insult those who should not be touched. Man has stood in the way of the Gods for a very long time. They just had to go on strike so that this world would kill itself on its own.

Human has forgotten their place and who Elohim is.

I can give the meaning of life to any human in five minutes.

But people want money, power over their kind and to be worshiped. Hm, If someOne who is not prepared will take all of this.

It will kill this creature.

-So let it be.

If you tell a person the meaning of life, then half will have to be raised from their knees and half put on antidepressants, the person has no choice and people are slaves.

But people think that they are so smart and so wise. When they borrowed their wisdom from the wrong source. They aren't capable to admit even that they have free will and this is the reason why all of them will never win and will be the game of the light of someone else mind.

A smart human and a smart person are two different things. Sounds complex but it's actually simple. The time of the people is ending, and the time of the gods is beginning. There is no end of the Light, do not even hope.
-In other words?

The end of the world was never intended for this place in the way it is presented in popular culture.

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