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Feyintiola Gayet


What Was She Wearing??

Sadly, this question still pops in peoples minds when conversations around 'sexual assault' comes up! If we're being honest, she might have been wearing an hijab, a kimono, a diaper, a school uniform, a short skirt, a wrapper, an hospital gown, and even if she was wearing a bikini! Touching someone without consent is wrong in all ramifications, to top it off asking what they wore is as bad as committing the crime itself.

A girls body is a girls body, not our body!

Around the world and in Nigeria specifically, religious entities alongside educational and moral entities often impose dress code. In all of these, the most targeted gender are women and girls; from infancy until death. Girls and women are trained to wear certain kinds of clothes, walk certain kinds of way, sit in a certain way, and behave in a certain kind of way. They promote modest dress codes amongst women because this of course will reduce the rate sexual assault in the society.

We have our bodies being policed right from birth till death, but we're still to be blamed when our bodies are violated. The society has accepted patriarchy , is practising patriarchy, condones patriarchy but will not hesitate to judge and condemn women and girls for mens wrong doings.

Rape is wrong, and it as bad as asking questions like what was she wearing, where was she going, what time of the day was it, maybe she was asking for it? There's no difference between a rapist and the person asking 'WHAT WAS SHE WEARING??'


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