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What are some psychological facts about attracting people?

  1. “I love you” has a more emotional effect on the brain when it’s whispered into theleft ear.
  2. Posture matters: If you stand up straight and make an eye contact while talking to the people you are attracted to, will make you more confident and attractive.
  3. A strong sense of humor is thought to be a sign of intelligence. This is why, when assessing a potential partner, we tend to be more attracted to those who are funny.
  4. Don't reveal everything about yourself to everyone. Better still, answer only when asked and as less as possible. Maintain an aura of mystery and people will be drawn to you more.
  5. Take the first move: Women are automatically attracted to guys who start the conversation, take initiative, and make them laugh.
  6. Deeper voice: Men with deeper voices are more likely to make a lasting impression on women than men with higher voices.
  7. Create sexual tension without touching: It is done subtly and by flirting. It creates instant attraction if you do it correctly.
  8. Don't keep a generic smiling face. Smile only when you make eye contact with someone, making them feel special.
  9. ***Wear red:***People subconsciously believe that women who wear red are more attractive and sexy, so people will sit closer to women who wear red dresses.
  10. ***Ask questions about them:***humans are naturally attracted to people who ask questions about them. Hence the expression “getting to know someone better.”
  11. Your shoes are much important than you think, people draw many conclusions based on what shoes they are wearing.
  12. Be happy and positive: People like****happy people and positive people! After all, philosophy is all about “hope” and religion preaches nothing else but “faith.”
  13. Have an air of indifference around you. This one can be a bit tricky. You need to get to that right balance of not caring what others think and also giving them enough respect and importance.

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