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Things you shouldn't say to a Russian

The purpose for any conversation is to get value out of it. If you find yourself with a Russian here are some things you shouldn't say.

First, how great Putin is. Many people openly or secretly hate him and you won't make them happy with your statement, you will cause arguments and unnecessary long conversations. You never know who you are talking to. So don't take a risk.

Also don't say anything bad about the president either because the law won't be on your side anymore.

Second of all, don't smile at people in Russia and don't stare. Staring is impolite and smiling may be considered as an insult or insanity. People don't smile for no reason in Russia.

Don't tell us about vodka and how we like to drink it a lot. It's partially true, but still untrue for many people in Russia. It's a ridiculous stereotype and people may find it offensive.

Also joking about bears walking streets might be understood as a low quality education or lack of knowledge about the country, because it's a very rare occasion that a wild bear will walk on the street and especially that people will pet him as a domestic animal.

Russia is a multicultural country and if you meet a person who doesn't look Russian to you, don't hurry making jokes about their ethnicity. It's super impolite. This also applies to other nationalities.

Don't abuse anyone in general, it shows your uncultured background, lack of education, and poor manners.

Don't say to Russians that their country is poor or politically incorrect. Nobody will like it.

Be polite to elders and don't say anything bad to them no matter how annoying they are. Its a tough one but you can do it.

Don't say that you came here to steal girls, it's kind of abusive and disrespectful. At this point you should know better. 

Don't say you know much about Russia, we'll try to prove you wrong for sure and we will win.

Don't say that your country is better than our, again nobody likes it. Say both countries are good and you like them equally or a little more than yours. This is basic intercultural communication. 


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