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Suvyne xa


Electric oven bottom element is burning all my food from the bottom!

I've had electric ovens all my life and never had this issue until we moved into this house. The electric oven it came with (brand new) only uses the bottom element while baking, which I've learned is typical.

However, I swear I've seen the top element in my other ovens glow red on the normal baking setting just like the bottom element does.

Anyway, the actual problem is that the bottom of all my food is being burnt! It's sort of okay for cornbread or casseroles where the bottom just gets a little extra brown and that's fine. However, you try cauliflower for 15 minutes at 425F and the bottom will be very brown, on its way to burning, while the tops look barely touched. Cookies? Burnt bottoms.

If it's true that so many ovens are like this then what am I doing wrong? Are there hacks to help with this? Using the highest rack possible seems to help somewhat but it's not perfect.


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