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What dishes from around the world, or recipes you know, that do it better than the processed junk?

Okay. This is hard to navigate so bear with me. Please find bold text to find my TLDR/point of the post

I am a 30 year old fat white American. My parents fed me the typical processed American foods, and now I want to move away from that. Only I'm super picky for autistic reasons.

I tried to be the macho "I shall eat this nasty unprocessed whole food and I will like it!" Because that's what the food influencers told me to eat.

But I'm learning slowly that good food can be healthy, and whole unprocessed food is just unpleasant for the most part.

I'm trying new foods. And recently I discovered hummus.

One of my biggest barriers to eating healthy is finding foods that have good taste and texture, especially ones that can hit my sweet tooth.

Thankfully I'm finally getting an adult taste and the more processed stuff is getting to be too sweet and too simple.

So when I tried dessert hummus I kind of fell in love. I know that traditional hummus is savory, but food fusions are awesome.

It was like a mousse, like a grown up pudding cup, like a light and airy cheesecake. And it was much healthier than all of the above.

Not only that but I am learning online hummus is basically a technique, any bean can be ground into a paste, and flavored accordingly.

So my question is, what else around the world am I missing that I can eat instead of the over processed garbage?

Is there any processed foods that you've tried and immediately said, "Hey this is a lot like XYZ dish. Only that dish did it better, and is real food."

Thank you in advance.


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