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Even though it was my 30th birthday weekend, I wasn't in the mood for a major celebration. My best friend Matt surprised me with a trip to the mountains when I was expecting to remain in and watch a movie, maybe grab a drink at the bar. We are the only two.

On Friday night when we got there, the cottage was incredibly serene and tranquil. Everything had a slightly romantic vibe thanks to the moonlight streaming through the windows and the abundance of stars outside. But that wasn't the case with Matt and I. It once was, but it is no longer.

After meeting at a party, we initially started sleeping together, but as we went closer and closer, it became clear that the sex was making things more difficult. That was in college, back then.

"Hannah?" As I was restocking the fridge, he called from down the hall. "Did you realize there's only one bedroom here?"

I looked up from putting a 6-pack in and replied, "Yeah. "Not allowed to share a bed? The larger locations lacked hot tubs." I cited the exterior.

"No, we are able. Why, therefore, do we require a hot tub? November has come."

"Exactly. It's similar to consuming hot chocolate in freezing weather. In fact, I'm about to head outside."

"Okay, I'm going to actually go to bed, I guess. Tomorrow, I want to start early."

Don't take all the blankets! As he ascended the steps, I called after him.

The kitchen was completely supplied and I had unpacked my suitcase about 30 minutes later. I gathered my swimsuit and made my way to our bathroom to get changed. Matt was already dozing off when I sneezed from behind the door, waking him up.


Sorry for waking you awake; it was my mistake. I wore a black string bikini when I left the restroom. Matt switched on the nightstand lamp. He had last seen me in a naked state, and I had little B-sized breasts and was extremely skinny. Since then, I had put on approximately 20 pounds, developed some great hips, and had breasts that were a full C-size. He was attempting to avoid staring, but it didn't seem to be working.

It's alright, You could clearly tell that I had recently had a wax job because this suit didn't leave much to the imagination. I admit that I started to feel a little wet as Matt struggled to remove his gaze from in between my legs. I lied to myself and said it was simply hormones. My body was yearning for the comfortable as I hadn't experienced satisfying sex in a while.

Okay, good night. Despite how challenging it was, I made the moral choice to leave.

Outside, it was bitterly chilly. It wasn't quite cold enough to snow, but it was chilly enough that standing outside in a bikini for more than a few minutes wouldn't have been practical.

All of my concerns vanished as soon as I submerged myself in the warm water. I smoked a joint, relaxed, and looked up at the sky. I heard Matt behind me just as the cannabis began to affect me.

'I can't sleep,'

"I apologize; I didn't mean to wake you up. You're aware that I always sneeze inconveniently."

I believed that if I smoked a little, I might be able to go asleep after seeing you smoke through the window.

"Oh, yeah," He stood smoking outside the hot tub after I gave him the joint. Why don't you simply enter?

I don't want to soak my underwear.

I don't know what your dick looks like, so please excuse me.

He coughed as he breathed.

You mean enter while undressed?

"I agree; why not? If it will make you more at ease, I'll also strip off."

As long as you're comfortable with me being naked, you don't have to do that.

He undid his boxers as I nodded. He seemed a little hard to me.

"Sorry." He flushed. I merely grinned. Even though I had forgotten how thick he was, seeing his cock once more made me feel hot.

He sat down next to me, and for a while we smoked the joint back and forth until it was all gone.

I was leaning back against the hot tub's edge. I felt great. Warm from the weed on the inside and the water on the outside.

Matt patted my thigh while laughing. I peered through the water at it.

"I'm delighted I joined you here rather than staying at home." I turned to look at him. He had olive skin, dark hair, and eyes, and he was quite gorgeous. He was physically fit and tall, but not overly so.

"Me too. You know you deserve beautiful stuff. You put so much effort into what you do, yet you never take time to appreciate what you have achieved."

You're correct," I said, turning away in embarrassment. I wasted my entire twenties, devoted them to my profession, and at this time, I wasn't even close to where I had planned to be. "How are you doing? Do you feel completely fulfilled by life?"

He laughed, "No. "Not in the least."

What else do you need?

He remained silent.

I turned around to see him staring at me.


"Hannah..." He sighed and combed his hair with his hand.

"Matt? What?" I gave him a back rub since I was worried that he had been hidden something serious from me.

"You need to understand that I adore you."

My tummy felt as though it had turned inside out. I did believe that we might end up fucking. Never in my life did I anticipate receiving a message of love.

"Matt, I... How long have you experienced this?"



"Yes, I suppose... I knew you wouldn't talk to me again after you suggested that we just be friends, so I couldn't tell you. And I would have preferred to have you around while secretly loving you over not having you at all."

"I didn't know,"

"Let's go. You're incredibly attractive, incredibly intelligent, hilarious, ambitious, fantastic in bed, and I mean, look at your figure. I mean, how could I not love you?"

I got close to him.

"Do you actually believe all of that?"

"Hannah, I agree. Stop allowing the people you date tell you that you are anything but a goddess."

I gave him a kiss after recognizing the sincerity in his gaze.

He tightened his hold on my face and gave me a stronger kiss in return. He pulled away as I sobbed into his mouth and looked into my eyes.

Hannah, I'm not sure if we ought to.

Under the water, Matt took hold of my hand and stroked my palm with his thumb.

"Matty..." He raised his head. Except for me, he detested being called Matty. I only ever used this name when I meant it. I concur with how you feel.

For a while, nothing happened. Given that I had brought the situation to a conclusion, I realized he must have been equally perplexed as I was. He spoke at last.

"So why did you suggest that we should only be friends? That is illogical."

I took his hand and said, "I was afraid. "So much happened so quickly. I was frightened of both losing your friendship and having my heart destroyed. So I decided that it would be best to remove the romantic component. But for the past ten years, all I did was make myself miserable.

He was silent for a minute as he fixed his gaze on mine. He then pulled me into his lap so that I was straddling him and started stroking my cheek with his thumb.

Tell me, you. He drew me in and began to murmur in my ear.

I placed my head on his shoulder and put my hand on his chest. The water moved all around us in stillness for a little period of time.

"Greetings, Matt. I have done so for a while."

He yanked me back to face him again and put his lips close to mine before taking a small bite out of my bottom lip.

He touched my lower lip with his thumb, saying, "You're my dream girl." "You realize that?"

He kissed and licked my neck while I groaned, definitely marking me in the process. My bikini top fluttered out of sight as he loosened it to give himself free access to my neck. The cool air immediately made my nipples stiff. Matt kissed me down the center of my chest and all over my breasts, sucking in each nip. He carefully stroked one while licking, sucking, or biting the other, and then he would switch. I was moaning and arching my back into his mouth when I abruptly became very conscious of his stiff cock between us.

I began to grind on him more and more till he gave my ass a severe spanking and I yelled.

"Now, be cautious."

Matt carried me to the hot tub's edge, where he lay out a towel and had me spread my legs. He then wrapped my legs around himself and carried me there. He unwrapped my bikini bottoms as he pulled the side ties, flinging them into the shadows.

I shuddered from the sudden chill on my damp skin, but as Matt started kissing my thighs, my skin instantly turned red.

As we made out, he spread my lips and slowly circled my clitoral area. My screams were muffled by his mouth, but it made little difference. For kilometers around, nobody was present. It was just Matt and I, and our enthusiasm.

When I told Matt that I was on the verge of cumming, he slipped two fingers inside of me, causing the last word to escape in a long groan.

Before I had time to recover from my first orgasm, Matt had switched to using his mouth instead of his fingers. I felt as though I was in heaven as I gazed up at the stars while experiencing numerous orgasms.

In college, Matt was a decent in-bed performer, but now he was nothing short of extraordinary.

"Do you want to move inside?" His head was on my thigh as I asked while petting his hair.

"I have everything I need." He pulled me out of the hot tub and dried us off together before giving me a kiss where his mouth was. He put me down on the bed while going in between my legs after carrying me into the bedroom. He massaged his cock's head against my clit till I was pleading with him to fuck me.

I begged Matt, "Please." I've had enough of waiting.

That was all the encouragement he needed, and in one thrust, Matt was completely inside of me.

Oh crap, he moaned. "Fuck, you're so wet." He began to pound harder as he knelt down to kiss me. I informed him I wanted to be on top after a few minutes of passionately making out and pounding my hips into him.

Without ever pulling away from me, Matt flipped us over so I was on top. I carefully shifted my hips as I leaned back, and he struck my g spot so flawlessly. I enjoyed flaunting myself in front of him as he gazed at me with passion and amazement. I began riding him faster and faster until I completely lost track of time and location. He stood up, drew me close to him, and then placed his arms around me while whispering in my ear.

I'll fuck you so good you won't want another cock again. I yelled as he paddled my behind. "Get on your stomach and act like a good girl.

He pinned my wrists together behind my back while I was lying on the ground, prone. Only a few times did he slide his cock up and down my lips, but I was so desperate that it felt like hours.

He was balls deep inside of me just as I opened my mouth to beg him to fuck me till I was limp. I shouted out in joy as he continued to fill me in this way.

He paused in his thrusts and muttered, "Your pussy is so fucking tight." "Stupid Hannah. You're already going to make me cum." He came to a complete stop and stroked my hair and the freckles on my back for a brief period of time. I have always admired him for this quality. He was the ideal combination of hard and soft.

particularly with me.

I was once more being hammered into the mattress before I could react. His thrusts were precise, and I came in with such force that the next day my voice was raspy from screaming. When Matt felt my pussy tighten around him, he was unable to control himself any longer. He grabbed me by the hips and dove deep inside of me with the most guttural moan I've ever heard.

He fell on top of me as I rolled over and kissed my collarbone tenderly.

"Hannah, I adore you. Birthday greetings."


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