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How to Not Be Intimidated

If you find yourself feeling inferior or inadequate to a person or a situation here's a quote by Marcus Aurelius to help out

“Like seeing a roasted and other dishes in front of you and suddenly realizing this is a dead fish, a dead bird, a dead pig. Or this noble vintage is grape juice, and purple robes are sheep... Read more



How to get rid of a bad cough without drugs.

A cough is actually a good thing. It’s your body’s way of clearing your airways in response to an irritant. But a cough can also keep you up all night, make you very miserable and sometimes it feels like it’s never going to go away.

If you’re struggling with how to get rid of a cough, here’s the good news::readMore



DIY Home Remedies For A Whiter Teeth

They say a smile is one of the greatest tools of confidence, and that is why people seamlessly put it out on every given opportunity.

Have you ever looked at someone's teeth when they smile and wonder how their teeth could be so white and yours are yellowish and dirty? However, you can have perfectly white teeth and have your... Read more



5 Ways to Make Money Fast

  1. Rob a bank

  2. Sell your feet pics on only fans

  3. Take stuff at the store for free and sell it

  4. Date a rich partner

  5. Join Hawker and launch a paid community... Read more



Simple Hack to remove rust stains from clothes.

Simple Hack to remove rust stains from clothes.

1. Have you tried removing rust stains from your clothes using regular cleaners?

2. This simple hack uses an item you already have at home to remove rust stains from your clothes. Guess the item?

3. Your toilet cleaner!

  1. Simply pour a little portion of your toilet cleaner over the stained... Read more