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Who do you think was the best president since the turn of the century?

Bush, Obama, Trump, or Biden? Who do you think had to deal with the toughest problems and handled them well? Who made the most significant impact while in office? And on the flip side, who do you think was the worst president and why? Who didn't do anything important and maybe made things worse?



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Le meilleur moyen de s'expatrier

Le blog Laviede.fr vous donne toutes les informations pour fuir l'enfer fiscal européen de manière légale. Que ce soit Dubai ou la Thailande, ne perdez pas de temps et explorer toutes vos possibilités de voyage.



Far Right vs Far Left

Who does it better?

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Do you think Russia will accept North Korea's offer of 100,000 volunteer soldiers to fight in Ukraine?

Not even Russia wants them. The North Korean Army is not actually the ranks of well equipped , fit, smart soldiers that you see on parades.

These malnourished , ill, half dead poor bastards are what the real North Korean Army looks like. They look more like survivors of concentration camps.



Turkey might become a dominant power in Eastern Mediterranean

There is no one in the region who can take on Turkey lonely at a military, economic and political level.

But the thing is, the eastern Mediterranean is way too important and valuable, that the future is not only determined from the neighbouring countries, but also the behaviour of the USA, partially Russia and to a more economic reasons, China,... Read more





How is it that China has so many billionaires?

Currently, china has 539 billionaires the second highest number in the world after the united states and it is catching up fast adding a new billionaire every two days.

How can there be billionaire in a country ruled by communist party? Thanks to Deng Xiaoping who opened several special economic zones where trade and investment can be made without the... Read more



The impact of the Ukrainian war on international tourism

Aside from the most affected and deeply sympathized variable of the Ukrainian war, Human Tragedy, tourism faces a significant threat. Especially countries whose GDP heavily depends on it.

While countries are still licking the wounds of the Pandemic, the threat to safety stifles tourism recovery and foreign investment. In 2020, there were 1 billion fewer international trips with only marginal... Read more



Wall Street’s Biggest Secret Could Be Exposed

politicians have cut secret deals funneling retirees’ savings to financial firms — but new legislation would finally let the public see the details.

https://www.levernews.com/wall-streets-biggest-secret-could-be-exposed/ ... Read more



As Russia presses its campaign in eastern Ukraine, 'ferocious' fighting rages.

On Saturday, "ferocious combat" raged in eastern Ukraine, all but putting an end to expectations of an Easter truce, as officials announced a new attempt to evacuate citizens from the... Read more ... Read more



Viktor Orban is met by Pope Francis, who praises him for accepting Ukrainian refugees.

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In an investigation, House Democrats are focusing on election misinformation.



🦸‍♀️"Capitalism is a Death Cult" poster seen in Berkeley, California

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How long before a non-Christian president is elected in the United States?

Do you think the American people would be willing to elect a non-Christian president? Or is it still too soon? What would be more likely to occur first, an openly... Read more ... Read more



US Still Buying Russian Gas

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Design solution for the system


My opinion it's good and necessary change of the system and it will be good if someone will scale it to other legislations and system patterns ... Read more



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