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Lactose free diet plans

This group is dedicated to discussing and sharing lactose-free diet plans and recipes. Members can exchange tips and advice on living with lactose intolerance and share their experiences with alternative dairy products. The goal of the group is to provide support and inspiration to those who follow a lactose-free diet, and to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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has anyone experienced more intense stomach problems after cutting out dairy?

I ditched all milk products from my diet but then I caved and had some creamer in my coffee (which is technically a "milk derivative") while taking lactaid, and let's just say my toilet is my new best friend. Any advice from those who have been through this before? I'm open to suggestions and feedback!... Read more



It is often said 'don't mix grain with legumes', that's valid also for tofu (it's soy, after all, a legume)?

Also, what do you think about 90 grams of tofu plus a tablespoon of olive oil at breakfast? High protein, high fat, low carbohydrates. Looks like a good breakfast?... Read more



Lactose-free milk still makes my stomach gurgle.

Hello. I've stopped tolerating lactose a few years ago and cut out milk and any milk-related products which aren't fermented in some way (these seem to not affect me as much, sometimes at all). I tried replacing normal milk with lactose-free substitute but my symptoms are just as bad after consuming it(feeling bloated, diarrhea, etc.). Could it mean that I'm... Read more



Dairy Free Lunches

Hey guys! I found out a couple weeks ago that I can't eat dairy at all. I'm in highschool and I found out that I have to bring my own lunches. I need to bring food that doesn't need a microwave or to be refrigerated. For those reasons, I'm thinking sandwiches. Besides PB&J, what are some good sandwich combos? Also,... Read more



What's the most unexpected food you've found dairy in?

Can you believe it? I was so surprised to find out that dairy is a hidden ingredient in some unexpected foods! Like beef bouillon and barbeque chips! What's the most unexpected food you've found dairy in?... Read more



How to cook tomato paste based dishes in a pan so that not everything is covered in tomato in a 3 squaremeter radius? (Can't use a lid, it needs to boil away the water)

I tried low simmer, but that just elongates the tomato spewing, does not prevent it.

****... Read more



I thought I would share one of my gumbo recipes!

I love to make gumbo. There are lots of varieties that I make. Some have seafood only, some have chicken and sausage (very traditional) but you also see sausage and seafood in some areas of Louisiana.

Rabbit, ham, crab, even oysters, anything goes with gumbo! Creole gumbo usually includes some tomatoes and often okra, but there are no hard and... Read more



Need help for weight loss meal plan/prep

Hello, I'm attempting to radically alter my diet to lose weight, but I have no idea what I should be eating specifically to stay under a certain calorie range. Would you kindly take the time to recommend things for me to buy, recipes with instructions on how to prepare them, and essentially provide me a menu plan for a day's... Read more



I have reached an unfortunate stage in my life when dairy seems to no longer be my gut’s friend. Until I really started to examine my diet last week, I had no idea how much dairy I ate (cheese stick here, quesadilla there, mozzarella on top of the pasta...) without realizing it.

I’m looking for your favorite dairy-free recipes for... Read more



Can I still get enough calcium on a lactose-free diet?

Many people asked me this question when discussing going diary free to control lactose intolerance. Here's my experience and thoughts.Yes, it is possible to get enough calcium on a lactose-free diet.

There are many non-dairy sources of calcium, such as leafy greens such as kale, bok choy, and broccoli, almonds, soy products, fortified orange juice and tofu, and fortified... Read more



Can a lactose-free diet improve symptoms of lactose intolerance?

Can a lactose-free diet improve symptoms of lactose intolerance?... Read more



Benefits of lactose free diet.

  1. It Improves your digestive health. People with lactose intolerance will not be able to digest lactose properly, leading to symptoms like bloating, gas, and diarrhea. A lactose-free diet can help reduce these symptoms.
  2. There will be a reduced risk of food allergies. Some people with lactose intolerance may also have a sensitivity to cow’s milk proteins. By avoiding lactose, they... Read more


What can I eat on a lactose-free diet?

What can I eat on a lactose-free diet?... Read more