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Men Who Cry

The Men who cry community is focused on mental health issues about men and the challenges we face. We create a safe space to give and receive peer to peer advice


Why we started this community

-Men are 4 times more likely to commit Suicide than women

-Most men are not comfortable sharing their issues with their spouses or partners and would rather talk to their guys.

-Men are loved conditionally usually on the basis on what we can provide, hardly are we loved just for ourselves

-It's important to talk and not suffer in silence... Read more



18 posts

Coming Out To My Family

I didn't come out to my parents the way I wanted to.

I was too terrified to tell them, mostly because I grew up Catholic. And because my parents are homophobic.

I was so Catholic, I could sit, stand and genuflect on command. I could smell a first reading of St. Paul to the Corinthians coming from a mile away.... Read more



This Final Date Night

We dated for over a year and were each other's best friends, we completely understand each other, and we are still madly in love with each other, but it was best for us to break up because we weren't in the same place. She's 20 and wants to be married and have kids soon, and I'm 21 and wanted to... Read more



Dark Street

Andre was about 3 years

old. The reason, they broke up, was because He threatened to hurt her, and us kids, just

because she to a vacation to Hawaii for a week. Now, how stupid is that? Well, when my

mom got back, she called the police, and he had to take all his stuff out of our house, and... Read more



The love of a father

She slowly pushed the blade in to her arm and pulled it down her, feeling the sting, feeling

the sense of freedom from everything that had been in her head. There was the singular

sharp, sweet sting as the blade sliced her skin. Not to deep but deep enough to make herself

bleed, she whispered to herself; Its just one... Read more



Check out this article about the lessons a U.S. Surgeon General learned the hard way



Suicide thoughts

Three years ago, I split up with my girlfriend. We've been conversing and occasionally hanging together since she moved in with a friend. I adore her more than anyone I've ever met, and I truly believed that we would be together forever. We both have children from other marriages, but since her children came in with me and my children,... Read more



He is my Hero

When my wife died in an accident almost an year ago the only reason for me to live was my 3 year old son. He was the second best thing that ever happened to me after my wife. He used to consider me his hero as I was a rescue pilot he always insisted that I take him on my... Read more



Self-Care For Men Who Cry

To manage a mental health issue healthfully is to have it under control. Self-medication is not a good idea. It is unhealthy to manage a clinical mental health issue without a doctor's guidance. Men far too frequently believe they have more influence over their mental health than they actually do. 

A sign of strength is facing a challenge head-on and... Read more



Why young men neglect their Mental Health Care When They Have Mental Health Symptoms

It is well known that men generally lag behind women in terms of self-care. However, bettering one's own self-care can result in better mental wellbeing. Despite how ebullient we may seem, young guys often have valid reasons for avoiding getting mental health care. I'm hoping I may persuade you to give up these reasons and actively take charge of your... Read more



What is something that is considered “normal” for a woman to do, but if a man does it then they will receive backlash?

Reacting to sexual assault... Read more



Why I Don't Talk About My Mental Health

I have had no trouble opening up with my close male friends, however I know doing that with my female friends would be a fatal mistake because that almost always ends up with them ghosting me after. I'm not the only one, I'm sure other guys can verify what I'm saying when they open up to a female friend or... Read more



Explaining a father’s death

1. Tell the truth

Be gentle but honest. This is your son's first-time experiencing death, his only rodeo.

He is five years old, wild-eyed and sugar-crazed and baby-toothed. A sweet boy. He doesn't complain about going to church or preschool. He picks up the toy cars in his room without being asked, lowers the seat after using the toilet. Some... Read more



IT’S SAD TO SEE A GROWN MAN CRY – but it’s okay

Not me but a medical resident who I met on rotation recently. One of the nicest guy I ever met, super intelligent and hardworking, and training to be a trauma surgeon by humble as they come. He had been married for 2 years to his wife. One night he gets off a 30 hour call early and heads home to... Read more



Andy Holbert

“In 2018 I was given a diagnosis of N.E.A.D (Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder) which is a form of

non-epileptic seizure. This was a frightening time for both me and my close family and

friends, but I was fortunate to get a diagnosis fairly quickly. In my case, N.E.A.D was the

result of an incredible amount of change in a very short... Read more



Mike Walsh

“On February 6th, 2017, I ran out of my philosophy class because I had a severe panic attack. That week I had at least one major panic attack a day, which were only quelled by some leftover Xanax I was prescribed because of my generalized anxiety. With the help of a psychiatrist, I was able to get through the week.... Read more



Important things to live by

  1. Rejection is redirection.
  2. Be happy, but never satisfied.
  3. New beginnings are scary but new beginnings are needed.
  4. When nothing is expected, and everything is appreciated, all becomes magical.
  5. The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.
  6. Let go of what does not align with your purpose.
  7. Real, rare, and raw. That’s who we are.... Read more


Why do men hide depression?

Societal conditioning of “boys don't cry” Since they were old enough to understand left from right young boys are indoctrinated with the devastating premise that its a sign of weakness and not being a “real” man if they talk about their feelings/emotions.'s It's deteriorating to men and society at large to suppress their feelings/emotions until they reappear as severe depression... Read more