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Recipes when sick

This group is dedicated to sharing and discussing recipes that are comforting and nourishing when you're feeling under the weather. Whether it's a hearty soup, a warm bowl of porridge, or a ginger tea, members are encouraged to share their favorite recipes and tips for staying healthy during illness. Join the community for inspiration and support during those tough days when you just need a little extra TLC.

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Best veg recipes when sick. Looking for recommendations.

I've been a vegetarian for 6 months and I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Any suggestions for yummy hot soups or comfort food for when you're sick? I used to rely on chicken noodle soup, but now I need to switch it up. Hit me with your best recipes!



Chicken soup tip for cold/flu

I caught a cold/flu and made chicken soup. Lots of garlic, ginger, chilli etc..It was good but lacked that special something. I would love to hear any tips or secrets!



Best hacks to quickly stop a cough?

I woke up yesterday with a bad cough and have lost my voice. I need to quickly get rid of it in time for work tomorrow. I took a covid test which came back negative but I'm still coughing nonstop. My job is answering phonecalls and dealing with customer complaints/questions, and my workplace setup is very socially distanced so I... Read more



Calorie dense foods while sick.

Does anyone have some calorie dense foods that you like to eat while you are sick?

I’ve got a raging bilateral ear infection with sinusitis which is making breathing very difficult, let alone eating. I am currently unable to breathe while I eat so anything that requires extensive chewing is exhausting to consume. I can’t taste or smell anything either

****... Read more



Anyone else having trouble with limes lately?

I've bought 3 in the past couple weeks and they just seem kind of dry inside. I get less juice out of them than I expect. I have no idea how to judge their ripeness in the store either.



What item do you wish you had tried dehydrated sooner?

I have done lots of apples, some jerky, some strawberries - I am curious what other folks wished they would have tried sooner.



What is your favorite food to eat when you have a fever?

Specifically, speaking. Not just "soup." My girlfriend has a fever and just trying to gather ideas on what to give her.



Food suggestion during covid?

I'm pretty sure I caught COVID(went to the clinic, got tested, doc said probably COVID) and the sore throat is killing me. I have most of the omicron symptoms with the sore throat being amped up x10 making it hard to swallow.

So what are your favorite "sick" foods?



Recipes that helped me feel better on a sick day!

  • Chicken Noodle Soup: Cook some noodles and shred some chicken breast and toss it in the broth with a little bit of herbs and spices for flavor.

  • Rice Porridge: Cook some rice in a little bit of water, add some milk and a sweetener like honey or sugar, and you're good to go!

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich - This simple sandwich... Read more