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Signs You Should Give Your Partner Space

Many couples cannot figure out if there is enough space in their relationship. If you are thinking about whether you need to give your partner space, here are some signs that will help you make that call:

1. Constant Bickering

Couples who spend too much together may bicker constantly and have frequent fights. If you and your partner are always annoyed with each other, even over small things, it is time to give each other some much-needed space.

2. You Need Permission From Your Partner

Are you taking permission from your partner for everything you do? Does your partner raise their eyebrows when you do something without informing or asking them? If you answered ’yes’ to both these questions, it is a strong indication that your relationship needs space. It is also a sign of a controlling partner, and you should have a serious conversation about it with them to address this issue.

3. You Are Not Attracted To Your Partner Anymore

If your partner’s actions or quirks do not seem cute or fun to you anymore, it is a strong indication that you are spending way too much time together and that both of you need some space.

4. Spending Time Together Is Not Enjoyable

A relationship stands on many pillars, the basic one being that the couple enjoys spending time together. If you notice that spending time with your partner is not as fun as it used to be, take a step back and evaluate the current space in your relationship.

5. You Are Embarrassed To Invite Your Partner Out With Your Friends

If the thought of inviting your partner with your friends for a movie or taking them along for a party makes you anxious or embarrassed, you need space in your relationship.

6. Spending Time With Your Partner Is Stressful

Does the thought of spending time with your partner stress you out? This is a common sign among couples who have very little or no space in their relationship. This underlying stress can result in frequent friction between the couple.

7. You Are Exhausted

Feeling tired or having relationship fatigue is a classic sign that not all is hunky-dory in your relationship. Couples who do not give each other enough space in their relationship are often exhausted and crave some “me time” to rejuvenate themselves.

8. It Has Been A Long Time Since You Caught Up With Your Folks

If you have been ignoring your friends and family who have always had your back until you found your partner, it is time to take a break and assess your relationship. Your romantic relationship is just one part of your life, and it must not overshadow other aspects of your life. If this sounds like your life, you need a break to re-assess the space in your relationship.

9. Increased Co-dependency

If you and your partner do not make any decisions independently or require permission from each other before doing just about anything in life, you are overly co-dependent on each other. While some people believe this is love, it is actually a clear lack of space in your relationship. Co-dependency is not healthy for any relationship.

10. You Are Bored In Your Relationship

If your routine with your partner seems boring even though you love each other, all your relationship needs is a little space. With the mundane lives that we live today, this is a common problem faced by many couples.

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