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Why Do We Need Space In A Relationship?

An individual brings their uniqueness and individuality to the relationship, which helps the relationship grow and sustain. It is normal for couples to become dependent on each other as time goes by, but losing yourself in the relationship or being together every second of the day can harm the relationship. Giving each other ample space has many benefits for the partners individually and for the relationship.

Some benefits of space in a relationship are:

1. Allows You To Think About Your Interests

Being alone gives the individual time to think about themselves – what makes them happy, process their thoughts, deal with what is troubling them, and relax without thinking about responsibilities.

2. Prevents Clinginess In A Relationship

It fosters independence within the relationship, with neither of the partners being too clingy.

3. Enables Individuality

Being able to do your own thing gives you a sense of fulfillment because, after all, we are all individuals. Maintaining this individuality in any relationship helps in creating a sense of happiness.

4. Prevents Suffocation Of Partners In The Relationship

Relationships that lack space often witness a suffocated partner. Being overly involved or interfering in the day-to-day life of your significant other can squeeze the pleasure and happiness from a relationship to the extent where it becomes irritating or annoying for one partner. Too much smothering can lead to the death of a relationship, making it imperative for couples to understand the importance of space.

5. Improves Communication

Fostering your individuality in a relationship brings about good communication between partners and helps keep the spark alive. Think about this – why would a person want to be in love with someone who has no sense of self or identity?

6. Avoids Co-dependency In A Relationship

Spending too much time together or being dependent on each other to have a good time is unhealthy. This leads to a co-dependent relationship that can turn toxic soon.

7. Strengthens The Relationship

Being two distinct individuals strengthens a relationship by keeping the communication channels open and building trust. It also prevents boredom from setting in and keeps things interesting between you two.

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