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Is Hawker Right For You and Your Community?

Yes!! Hawker is right for you and your community and here’s why: We take a new twist in community building like never before having built our platform to combine the best of social networks such as Reddit and Twitter and more.

Why Hawker?

With Hawker you get many benefits that other platforms don’t have:

● Long Form Content with no word limits!

● Sustain your community through tips & Subscriptions

● No shadow banning & censorship

● Customize feeds based on interests

Most importantly, Hawker is a free to use community creator platform which allows free speech and freedom to all, regardless of their beliefs. Hawker was founded by liberty-minded individuals who believe in the freedom to express their opinions and interact with others around the world. You can create a blog following, build a community and even publish a subscription-based publication that rivals MSM!

You can also share your knowledge and create a community to discuss your area of interest. Hawker gives users control over what content is displayed in their feed. Users can personalize the feed according to their interests. Hawker has a subscription feature. This allows community members to choose between a free community subscription and a paid community membership. Members can have unlimited access to the entire community with the free community. To view posts in the paid community, users will need to either subscribe or pay per view.

Visit Hawker.social Join the revolution in community building. We are the community for communities where you vibe with your tribe.

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