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The owners of a Karaoke screen that was accidentally broken are demanding $1000.

For a friend's birthday, my friends and I went to a karaoke bar. Although we were a little tipsy, we were being respectful of the area and this happened purely by accident when one of us tripped over the cord attached to the LCD screen used to select music, causing it to tilt over and crack (it was busted to the point where you couldn't select tracks).

We decided to be honest and tell the staff about it, but the owner demanded $1000, claiming that they were custom manufactured in China and that there was the prospect of paying extra compensation owing to the money they would lose if the room was out of commission.

The whole thing was a little strange because this arbitrary sum of money appeared out of nowhere, and after a little Googling, I discovered this nearly identical LCD panel for $370. As you can see, the screen's stand and base are both very thin, making it easy to tip over. Another thing to note is that only the LCD is broken (cracked), therefore I'm wondering whether it may be repaired rather than having to replace the entire console.

My friend who booked the hotel gave them his contact information and consented to them taking a photo of his driver's licence as well as a $500 deposit, which they promised we would get back once the LCD console was replaced. Anyone have a better understanding of our consumer rights, or simply general advice?


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