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Charlespublished in Stonks


Stock Pick for May-June 2022

$SOFI - Strong performance despite student loans memorandum.

$CCL - Travel is back strong. Cruise stocks are trading below covid levels.

$EQNR - Continued demand for Nat Gas in Europe when Russia cuts off more countries. Norway is the first line of defense.

$TSLA - Buy up shares below $800.

$SQ - Finally Jack is not distracted by Twitter. They have a good portfolio with Cash App and focus on BTC.


$avax - Avalanche is the most utilized defi chain after Ethereum. With Lunar collapse, Avalance moves up the totem pole. It is much more stable than Solana. We have seen a dramatic price drop because Defi Llama is showing a drop in Total Value Lock. In reality much of the value was moved to subnets.


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