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Social media platform with built-in
monetization tools

Hawker allows you to create a community and set membership prices for access to private channels within your community. There is no upfront cost to using Hawker. For any subscriptions sold we take a platform fee of 6% on top of any payment processing fees.


With Hawker, build a
thriving community

  • Paid subscriptions to access private channels
  • Annual, monthly, or one-time membership costs
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited Staff Users
  • Unlimited File Uploads
  • Unlimited Content-Length
  • No shadow banning or censorship
  • Complete user data ownership
  • Direct payouts to your bank account

Why Hawker is the best platform for building a community:

Pricing for membership tiers6%10%N/AN/AN/A8%
Micro blogging feed
Threaded discussion forum
Offer Monthly/Annual/Lifetime membershipUnited states server owners only
Pay to access content
Build communities
Create private channels
Manage admins of your community
Payouts to your PayPal accountN/AN/AN/A
No shadow banning or censorship
Publish long-form content
Create personalized feed


Our platform currently supports payments through Stripe, which allows our users to securely and conveniently make payments using their Credit cards and Debit cards.

To assign staff members to your community, simply select the "Only a certain number of authors can post in the community" option when creating the community. From there, you can choose the author profiles you wish to assign as staff members. This will restrict posting privileges to only those members you have designated, ensuring that a trusted team of individuals manages your community.

Yes, you own your Hawker community and all of the member data that is associated with it. This means that you have complete control over your community's content, branding, and membership. This ensures that you always have access to your community's data and can use it as needed for your own purposes.

There is no limit to the number of members you can have in a Hawker community. Our platform offers unlimited membership for all users without any additional fees or volume-based pricing. This allows you to grow your community without any restrictions.

To enable paid membership for your channel, you can create a new channel within your existing community on Hawker. Click "Create Channel" and choose the "Paid Subscription" option to set your channel’s monthly, annual, or lifetime fee. Once you set your subscription fee, your channel will be marked as β€œpaid,” and your members will need to pay the fee to access its content.

To see the members in your paid channel, go to your channel page and look for the group icon in the top right corner. Clicking on this icon will display the current members of your paid channel.

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Build your online community on Hawker. Post your
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