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Get Ready to develop a crypto exchange like Poloniex Clone Script

Poloniex clone script

 A Poloniex clone script is a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software developed using the existing features and functions of the popular Poloniex exchange platform. This script enables entrepreneurs to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange platform similar to Poloniex in a short span of time. It comes with customizable features and functionalities such as user-friendly UI, margin trading, advanced order types, OTC trading, and others. Poloniex clone script helps entrepreneurs to kickstart their crypto exchange venture instantly with high-end security features.

Features of Poloniex clone script

Buy/sell crypto with fiat - Users can easily buy or sell crypto in exchange for fiat currencies via master cards, apple pay, Visa cards, and bank transfers. When the purchase is completed, the cryptocurrency is deposited in users poloniex wallet directly.

Spot trading - Spot trading is the instant trading of cryptocurrency at the current price. Make your exchange easily accessible for newbie traders with spot trading. The order placement, exchange of assets happens fluidly with our poloniex clone.

**Future trading **- Cryptocurrency future option facilitates agreement between two parties on specific price predictions at the fixed interval of time. Traders get the profit when the price drops or rises and makes this trade transaction successful. 

Crypto Exchange - The exchange of digital currencies or swapping the assets to maximize the profits. The traders can exchange the assets and hold them to earn the benefits in long term value. Our poloniex clone script supports 100+ trading crypto pairs.

**Rewards program - **Enable referral marketing in your digital asset exchange and reduce the marketing spend. The management of referral commission, code generation for every user can be done automatically with the help of our poloniex clone.

Multi crypto/Wallet support - Upto 150+ most trending cryptocurrencies can be traded on the go. The intuitive admin panel has the ability to add the new tokens or coins in a swift. Support your users with many crypto wallets they wish to use.

Market dashboard - Traders can analyze the market cap of the cryptocurrency with data driven information that looks in a graph chart. The entire transaction history and price fluctuation of the cryptocurrency can be ideally seen to make informed decisions.

**API integration - **The poloniex clone script is supported with end to end API support right from registration option to advanced trading engine. Customer support, liquidity, Wallet, Order book records and other complex systems can be accessed in an easy way. 

**Multi-lingual support - **Launch your digital asset exchange in multiple languages dispensing on the region you operate. Single feature to make your landing page adaptable into different languages based on the user IP address.


**Security measures in Poloniex clone script **

Two Factor Authentication - Eliminate the unwanted users to access your account just using the password alone. The data breach or hacks can’t cause significant damage to your account if you enable two  factor authentication.

16 Digit Key backup - In case of losing your device and unable to login the account, you may use a 16 digit key to retrieve the password back. This feature requires your users to store the private keys offline to avoid data breach.

Automatic log out - When the user session is completed with whatever they are tended to do, the exchange automatically logs out the user account. This prevents the data breach that can happen in users' browser systems or mobile apps.

Anonymous IP detection - When the anonymous login is detected from an unknown IP address or device , the admin system sends out the notifications alert to the users. We designed a poloniex clone script by making sure all security measures are integrated.


Why Choose us for Poloniex clone development?

Hivelance is a pioneering poloniex clone script development company that offers the most innovative and secure poloniex clone script services to build a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform like poloniex. Our poloniex clone script is developed from the ground up with cutting-edge technologies. We offer custom poloniex clone script services that are tailored to the exact requirements of our customers. Our poloniex clone script is highly secure, user-friendly and feature-rich.

We made a secure poloniex clone script that you deploy on your domain and set to live the exchange in a minimum of 2 weeks. 

Visit our website for more info - 


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