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I am thrown out of bed by my boyfriend's daughter and I'm not sure how to fix this.

I got thrown out of bed by my boyfriend's kid. On the weekends, he is allowed to see him. She will try to lay vertically while she is with us in the middle of the night by crawling into our twin-sized bed and pushing with her feet and butt. He didn't try to relocate her when we were both awakened one time, which has been happening more frequently lately. Although it is not a problem for her to sleep with us, the bed is simply too little for the three of us. He becomes furious when I suggest sleeping on the couch in a different room and claims that we cannot do so.

Now, I don't care about it at all. She has problems sleeping at my house; she is his daughter. Next to him, she has a sound sleep. Not to mention that she would cry and wake everyone up if I attempted to transfer her. She is too close for me to fall asleep with, especially with her feet digging into my back. We've discussed it, and I've let him know that I can't sleep that way, but he won't even consider letting me sleep on the sofa.


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