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How to get back with my ex

So, here's the deal: me and my ex dated for three months, but things went south and we broke up five days ago. I may have lost my cool and said something I really shouldn't have, and now he's super disappointed in me. He's an INFJ and apparently never gets back with his exes, so that's not looking too good.... Read more



Man, I feel like I’m gonna be solo dolo for the rest of my life.

It's a struggle out here, my crush curved me and now my ex is playing games. There’s a few other girls I know, but I just don't feel that spark or it's straight up platonic. So, I don't know what to do, man. I mean, I should probably just ride the solo wave for a bit, but damn, being alone... Read more



Anyone feel like they’re better off alone?

This is just something that bothers the hell out of me but here it is, so every time I’m in a relationship of some sort all I ever do is worry, stress, overthink etc all of them things that mess with my mind. And yes you may say it’s a me issue which it is but I don’t know how... Read more



Fun questions to ask during dates

Not many issues getting dates from Hinge but issues getting 2nd dates with the girls I want to keep seeing. The cliche “Had a lot of fun but not feeling a connection.”

I think on a lot of them we both tell our life story, how we got into our fields. Where we’ve traveled or want to travel. Favorite places... Read more



Why is being friends with your ex considered a Red Flag?

(F) I am friends with my exes. I’m really close to two of them and one I’m cordial with. I’m an extremely forgiving person and I don’t like holding grudges against people, so even though the relationships might’ve been messy and ended badly, I still believe they’re good people and I want to be friends with them. But a lot... Read more



What would make a guy not ask a woman out for a second date despite really liking her?

I’ve been thinking about this question because as women we think if he’s not asking us out, then he doesn’t like us. We’re also told not to make a move. Realistically, a woman could ask for the second date. I don’t think it’s fair for a guy to do all the date planning either, I think some initiative from the... Read more



5 dates in and only hugs. Am I wasting my time?

I matched with a girl on hinge. First date we just did a walk in the park to get to know each other. Second date, we did a happy hour date and ended the night with a kiss. Last 2 dates have been a hike and another happy hour but this time no kissing. I flat out asked her what... Read more



Ugh, I don't understand why guys won't commit to me

I'm really confused. I'm 28 and I've had no trouble getting boyfriends, but for some reason, they never stick around. I'm not controlling or demanding, and I don't understand why they pull away. Can someone help me make sense of this?



I'm feeling a bit lost in my relationship right now.

My partner and I have been together for 2 years, but lately, I've noticed that he's been pulling away from me. He's not as communicative as he used to be, and it's starting to make me feel really sad.

For example, on Valentine's Day, he took me out on a date, but when he came over to my place afterward,... Read more



When is the time to end a relationship?

How do you know when it's time to end a relationship, and what steps can you take to make that decision?



My previous relationship and attachment style, in my opinion, severely damaged my perspective on relationships.

In addition to being ND and having an anxious-preoccupied attachment style, I also experienced a violent traumatic event when I was a young adult. I guess the basis of the problem is my childhood relationships with my parents (maybe also the trauma, though that might be ptsd). I always felt like I had to put on a show to win... Read more



I am thrown out of bed by my boyfriend's daughter and I'm not sure how to fix this.

I got thrown out of bed by my boyfriend's kid. On the weekends, he is allowed to see him. She will try to lay vertically while she is with us in the middle of the night by crawling into our twin-sized bed and pushing with her feet and butt. He didn't try to relocate her when we were both awakened... Read more



Why do narcissists start fights at random times and then refuse to talk to you until you "apologize" even though you did nothing wrong?

Narcissists seek control and power. Lack of emotion or the inability to process one's emotions might lead to irrational arguments. 

Random fights can sometimes be used to gaslight you into thinking that you are the issue. Blaming yourself is a way to seize mental control while remaining in control. 

Additionally, it serves to maintain you in the trauma-bonded partnership. 

Nothing... Read more



The one "type" i'll never date again

It comes in different forms, but I recently learned about "stonewalling" and it was crippling. Dismissing concerns, refusing to listen when your partner needs it, and generally getting defensive anytime a disagreement happens. Over time, it makes you feel angry, confused, and distrustful. So yeah, you definitely end up feeling like you're a problem, get irritable, worrisome, and are eventually... Read more



What is the weirdest psychological fact you know?

  1. The neurological effect of falling in love with someone has a similar effect as getting high on cocaine.

  2. The 68% of people are suffering from Phantom vibration syndrome, the feeling that one’s phone is vibrating when it’s not vibrating

  3. Human memories get distorted over time, so the average person has at least 1 false piece of memory.

  4. Your mind “rewrites”... Read more



Have Realistic Expectations About Relationships and Romance

“You are absolutely not going to be gaga over each other every single day for the rest of your lives, and all this ‘happily ever after’ bullshit is just setting people up for failure. They go into relationships with these unrealistic expectations. Then, the instant they realize they aren’t ‘gaga’ anymore, they think the relationship is broken and over, and... Read more





The Top Three Ingredients For Relationship Success

There are millions of self-help books out there about how to build the perfect relationship—but as it turns out, relationship success is a lot simpler than it seems. The top three elements that make relationships work are honesty, communication, and commitment, according to a new survey from the UK.

The report, called The State of the UK's Relationships, surveyed over... Read more





Ladies need to understand that men are built differently,just because your friend's boyfriend knows what she wants before her saying it doesn't mean I should too.