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An Unforgettable Fashion Design

This dress stays in my memory. These 5 things pop out to me:

  1. **The Length:**The length of the dress shows Naomi’s legs very well yet doesn’t reveal too much.
  2. **The Sparkles:**Sparkles makes the dress look fun and elegant all at the same time.
  3. **The Draping:**The front of the dress drapes so nicely and dips in all the right places.
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Edwardo Camavinga Walked for Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week

An unexpected combination you don’t see every day is a footballer walking the runway. At age 19, Real Madrid and France midfielder Eduardo Camavinga became the first footballer to walk the Balenciaga runway at Paris Fashion Week.

He made history by becoming the first footballer to walk for a high-end fashion house.qHe shared the runway with A-listers such as... Read more



KFC’s Y2K Bag: The Wrapuette

Who would have thought that Y2K would make a comeback this big? the fetish with low-rise jeans and butterfly tops has infiltrated the fast food biz.

To commemorate the launch of its £1.98 Twister Wrap deal, KFC launched its take on another early aughts trend: the baguette bag, an accessory that has regained momentum over the past few years.


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Y2k Aesthetic : How to incorporate Y2k fashion in your wardrobe.

The nostalgic fashion of the 2000s is back for a second time, similarly to the dot-com era a mix of pop culture and tech advancement was on the rise. The distinctive style was futuristic and edgy, think clear lipgloss, chunky shoes, pleated skirts, baguette bags, colorful sunglasses, and space buns. Some of this era’s biggest influences include Carrie Bradshaw, Bratz... Read more



AI in Fashion: Karen X cheng AR filter Romper

In a hyper-digital era, Artificial intelligence (AI) has vast growth in numerous industries providing more effective operational protocols and access to consumers and insights

The Fashion industry took a reluctant response to AI because it is grounded on creativity and expressive elements. However, designers used AI to automate designs during and after the pandemic.

Karen X Cheng, a popular San... Read more




Balenciaga has released its 51st Couture Collection featuring a star studded cast on the runway including reality star Kim Kardashian, award winning actress Nicole Kidman along side Dua lipa and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The collection features an array of really fascinating enigmatic garments designed in the luxury brand’s trademark sleek style, it also showcases latex catsuits paired with hand gloves

https://couture.balenciaga.com/... Read more