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Mental Health Awareness

A safe space to express what's going on in your mind, get help and help others.

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What are INFJ strengths

First of all, INFJ is a personality type, to know your personality type follow this link: https://www.16personalities.com

Their intelligence.

In person, INFJs can sometimes(not always!) stumble through their words and may have a hard time sorting through and wording their thoughts. So, people who don’t know them well will often assume they aren’t as intelligent as the truly are.

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How to comfort a loved one struggling with depression

I once dated a guy who thought I was looking for attention while I had a depressive episode. It's a tragedy that Mental Health is perceived as a “soft topic”, and still puts people off even after the pandemic. As for my ex, there's a possibility that he lacked the emotional intelligence to comfort me. So how do you comfort... Read more