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How To Keep Your Health Happy

Our pets show us unwavering affection. In exchange, it is our responsibility to maintain their wellbeing.

According to Sarah Reidenbach, DVM, a veterinarian in northern California and the head of the group Ruthless Kindness, food is medication for animals just as it is for humans. According to her, nutritional deficiencies in your dog or cat's food can manifest as hair... Read more



Reasons Why You Should Have a Pet

Although a recent ASPCA study indicated that 44 percent of US homes have a dog and 35 percent of US households have a cat, getting a pet is a big decision. You should think about what kind of animal best suits your way of life. You should have a clear notion of what kind of pet will fit into your... Read more



The Complete Guide to Training Your Dog

Are you prepared to begin teaching your puppy or dog? Among your dog's basic needs are socialization and proper training. Start teaching your dog to sit, stay, come, go to their crate, and go potty outdoors as soon as you can. And, believe it or not, even a newbie can do it themselves.

When you initially start training your dog,... Read more



Are Cats Truly Less Loving Than Dogs?

Recently, I've seen a sudden flurry of alarming Internet headlines mentioning a brand-new research study. The headlines may give you the impression that cats love you less than dogs, but they are deceptive and don't provide an accurate summary of the study's actual findings.

Study "Secure Attachment"

The study by Alice Potter and Daniel Mills, which was published on the... Read more



Are Dogs Dreaming?

It's not known with scientific certainty if dogs dream, but it's hard to think that they don't. We've all seen our dogs act in similar ways while they sleep as they do when they are up. Our dogs' paddling legs, snarling, wagging tails, gnawing jowls, and twitching noses make us worry about their dreams.

What's known about dreams and dogs... Read more



Getting your pet ready for the summer

Many of us will be going outside with our pets once the warm weather arrives. If you follow a few simple safety guidelines to avoid certain typical summertime dangers, your pet's emotional and physical health will benefit greatly from this time spent outdoors bonding with you.

Pets' exposure to heat

Animals are particularly susceptible to heat stress during the hot... Read more