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If a grenade is thrown in a room you’re in, what are your best chances of survival?

Your best chance to survive is to leave the room, either by the door or by jumping out of a window.

If there are no windows, you are on the 5th floor, or it’s not safe outside, you should do one of the following things:

  • get behind some furniture.
  • place something between you and the grenade, for example, a flak... Read more


What are your thoughts on Jasmine Sherman running for president?

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What do conservatives with a more intellectual bent think of current laws proposed and/or passed in Republican-controlled states?

Do they see them as populist appeals to push for more serious concerns, or as legitimate initiatives to solve real problems?

Or what about a third option?

I'm attempting to... Read more ... Read more



What are some of democracy's flaws? 🧐

I'm largely asking this because I've been reading about various political systems, such as what a republic is, what a democracy is, the beginnings of fascism and dictatorships, and so... Read more ... Read more